Thursday, February 22, 2018

What to do in a cold day in Zurich (Switzerland)

It is the most populated city in Switzerland, but not its capital city. I’m talking about Zurich!
As you maybe know, I didn’t go again to my Lady Gaga concert, because this time was CANCELLED! You can’t imagine how sad I felt. But that’s all another story. Now, with this new #TravelNote, I want to talk you about my nice day in this Swiss city.  
Well, first of all I want to tell you how we (my mom and me) arrived to Zurich. By bus! Yes! From Venice till Zurich. The bus was the famous “FlixBus” and if you don’t know this bus company, I highly recommend you. They organize trips all around Europe and the prices are quite chips.
It was also very nice to observe all the snowy mountain villages. I am not used to see certain views (I come from Sicily!).
When we arrived in Zurich, in the evening, the temperature was not that cold. But when we woke up the day after, everything was white!!! It was a true surprise! Even though then the snow turned into rain. 
After we had breakfast, we took the tram (in the city there is no tube, but the tram is very comfortable), and directed ourselves to the city center. It was very nice walking through the picturesque streets, and the houses, are just so cute!!! They look like the one of marzipan. The main monuments to visit are Grossmünster, which is the ancient Dom of the city, where the Swiss Protestant reform has begun under Ulrico Zwingli, who also translated the Bible into German. Another important church is Fraumünster with its gothic style. If you go in summer time it is also very nice to have a tour around the lake with the ferry, but I don’t think it is the case when it is snowing. Anyway, if you feel cold outside, you can also visit the National Museum in front of the main train station. I personally find it very interesting and found many fun facts. For instance, did you know that muesli was created in Switzerland? (I always eat yoghurt with muesli at morning).
I think Zurich is a very quite but beautiful big city that you need to visit at least once in your life. But just some few warnings before you go.
1) Prices! It’s VERY VERY EXPENSIVE. Especially food. I bought two Brezels, you know I much I paid? 10 francs! In euro, it’s around 8.
2) Don’t come on Sundays. If you want to go shopping it is not a great idea since almost every shop is closed.
3) If you can’t stand cold weather, don’t come on winter. I would suggest you on early autumn. When I went there on September the weather was really perfect!
I hope you liked this TravelNote. See you next Thursday for a new one!
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018



Monday, February 19, 2018

I'm back!!!

Hello everybody! After a long break here on my blog, I’m finally back writing. How are you? What did you do in these last months?
Me, I’m pretty fine. I’m always in Venice, studying my favorite language Japanese. Kanjis (ideograms), role-plays, exercises every day. Sometimes it is hard, not the language itself, but university life in general. Anyway, it’s ok in this way. I like difficult things and put myself into challenges.

Now I am sitting in my room, I just had a shower. Night is my favorite part of the day. I mean there is nothing of more fascinating than a sleeping city, looking at the stars, and just dream. To dream to walk in infinite spaces. Yeah, I know, I dream too much, but how can I not dream in a city like Venice?

This is just a brief coming-back blog column “Phil’s diary”. Every Monday a new piece of my diary.
Good night, and do not forget to dream!

Monday, August 14, 2017


”Do you go alone to the cinema?”, “Who do you go with?”, “Aren’t you scared to do things alone?”, “Well, of course you can do things alone, you’re boy, I’m girl”.
These are some of the things that some people most tell me when they find out that I have done something “alone”. I don’t really understand why, but some people seem kind of shocked when I say I do something alone. Others perhaps even think that I am asocial or that I don’t have a “social life”. I don’t really get why some people have this fear to be “alone”. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are more than 7 billion people who live in your same planet! Do you think it is not enough? You may answer me :”I don’t know 7 billion people, I am always alone”. - Aren’t you a person? You’re not alone, believe me. You are with you, and with yourself. Just you and yourself. Is it just me who thinks it is nice to have some moments only for you?

I am writing this post because I’ve noticed that some people, especially the youngest have a bad conceit of being “alone”. To not have someone on your side when you’re going to the beach or going to shop is considered uncool. Just why? If I go to eat an ice scream with nobody, it does not mean that I do not friends. The same if I go to watch a horror movie at the cinema. You know what it actually means? It means that my friends don’t enjoy creepy stuff, and that’s ok, we are all different and we have different tastes, but I won’t never renounce watching a film that I have been waiting for so long. And then I also got as answer :”You know, it’s different. You’re a boy, you can do it. I am a girl. It’s dangerous for me”. – Honey, listen up. I explain you everything. It’s not that I am a boy and you’re a girl. It’s just that I love myself, I am not scared to share what I love with myself, and I'm not going to lose what I want to do just because I do not find someone who wants to do that thing. Moreover, you’re very sexist if you think that girls can do less than boys.

I wanted to write this post so bad because I'm so sorry to see people that are stuck just because of the stupid society that puts the wrong ideas in your minds. Truly, if there is anything you like to do, do not stop for any reason! You are not alone, you’re with you and yourself, and then in the street you might find some new mates, who knows it!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

5 things you can't miss to visit in Bratislava!

Welcome back to Phil's World with a new #TravelNote. Last time I wrote about "5 things you can't miss to visit in Prague". Today's post is about the unconventional city of Bratislava! Why unconventional? Because it is different from the other capital cities, it is not famous as Vienna or Prague, it is not that big city, it is calm, and relaxing. In the past, the city was named Pressburg by the Germans. The current city was named Bratislava only by 1919 through a survey to citizens. Today Bratislava is Slovakia capital city and the biggest one of the whole country.
So let's start with "5 things you can't miss visiting in Bratislava". HERE WE GO!

1) The white castle
Above the hill of the city there is this white castle, almost perfect with its symmetries. It is the "Castle of Bratislava", now home of the Parliament. During the 16th century it was home to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

2) What a friendly statue!
Bratislava is full of bizarre statues. One of these is Cumil, the one who is in charge of sewerage. The statue, like many others, has been there since 1997 to make the city a little more cheerful than the gritty architecture of the communist regime.

3) Is it Disneyland?
It may look like a Disneyland castle, but it's actually a church. Just because of the unusual coloration it is often called "Blue Church", but is dedicated to Elizabeth of Hungary, grown in the white castle.

4) OMG! Is that an UFO? 
Commonly called "UFO" for the round building on the top, this is the Novy Most, one of the most impressive bridges on the Danube. Going up there is a luxurious restaurant, and on top a beautiful panorama of the city. It is advisable to go to sunset.

5) A bit of shopping is never a bad idea
It may sound foolish to go to a mall on holiday, but believe me if you've been tired a bit of the town or of the hot weather, a visit is worth it. There are two malls in the city! What I recommend is called "Eurovea" and is not far from the city center, next to a park.

Now I should go because my friend is waiting for me at the library to study together. See you tomorrow with a new video :) 

Monday, August 7, 2017

My last days in Sicily

In these days I am literally melting like an ice-lolly. Now it is around 40 degrees. It is frustrating, tiring, it is like being inside an oven, and you are the chicken. I am not exaggerating. When you go out from home, if you don’t spread solar scream all over your body, you will turn into a mature red pepper. So, in these days I spent most of my time at home with the cooler turned on because I don’t want ruin my poor, tender skin. This summer is a bit weird for me. It is my completely free summer after two years: I don’t have nothing to do, nothing to study, just nothing. Instead, in summer 2015, when I came back from my exchange year in Denmark I had to study for being accepted again in my class, and then in 2016 I had to study for my admission test at university, and fortunately today I am studying where I wanted!

This summer is free, but not free from boredom. Sometimes I think I complain too much. When I’m busy, I want to be free, and vice versa, when it’s hot, I want weather to be cold, and vice versa, and I could continue for many other lines. Yes, I should enjoy the moment. I try. Last Saturday I went out with some of my friends in San Leone. Who does not know it, it is the bathing area of my city, and in the seafront there are many nice restaurants and other places where to hang out. And I must say that I enjoyed very much to see my friends again after a long time, talking together, taking some selfies (you know that I am a selfie addicted), etc. Nevertheless, then when we went for a walk, the street was full of people, like a beehive! Nevertheless, the problem was not that there were many people, but the real deal was that it was huge mass of people: some of them throwing things on the floor, the same for the ones who smoke, or others who just stopped in the middle of the street and didn’t let you go. I know that some people would tell me “you’re such a drama queen!”. But that night I could see only decay. And that made me feel sad.

This is the summer, no wait, the last days of a Sicilian that in a pair of days is going to leave again to go back to the other city, Venice! About my complains, some people tell me that I am too exaggerated, but why do I have to withstand something that is not nice in silence, why I should not say my opinion. Just why? I simply say what I think and I believe you also should it!


If you missed it, watch my latest video on YouTube!

My next #TravelNote is not this Wednesday, but on Thursday! (just a little change). See ya travellers! 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

5 things you can't miss to visit in Prague!

Welcome back to a new #TravelNote post! Last time I made a list of "8 things you absolutely need to visit in Vienna", today it's Prague's round. Before suggesting you the top-5 things to visit in this pictoresque city, I want to specify that I have been in Prague for just one day because I was staying overnight in Vienna. Anyway, if you have the chance, I reccomend to stay some more days in the fantastic Czech Republic's capital city. And now ... HERE WE GO! 

1) Check out what time it is!
I am talking about the astronomical clock located in the "old town" of the city. Why is this clock so popular? The mechanism is quite complex, there are three different clock face: the astronimical one, "The Walk of the Apostles" where every hour you can see the twelve Apostles that move, and another one that shows the twelve months of the year. 

2) Imagine one world as one!

Yes, I am talking about the legendary John Lennon. In Prague there is a whole wall dedicated to him. Why in Prague? Because during the Communist regim he became an idol, a source of hope for many young Czechs. Today, you can find many peaceful sentences and graffiti on the wall. 

3) Have a walk in the Jewish neighbourhood
Prague has been for many centuries a big centre in Europe for the Jewish community. Indeed, not so far from the "old town", you can find a Jewish neighbouhood with many sinagogues. I reccomend to visit at least one of them!

4) OMG! Venice is pursing me! 
Ok, in Venice the houses are kind of different, but this place is named "The Little Venice". There are actually water channels and our friendly tour guide explained us that in the past the city was flooded several times. 

5) Take many pictures in the awsome Charles bridge!
Charles bridge is one of the most famous sposts in Prague. Charles IV was actually the Bohemia's king at that time and it was him who asked to build it. It is made in stone and it is long 515 meters. 

I hope you liked this TravelNote. Next time I will write about Slovakia's capital city: Bratislava! 

And, if you missed my vlog about my latest trip, here it is!