Monday, August 14, 2017


”Do you go alone to the cinema?”, “Who do you go with?”, “Aren’t you scared to do things alone?”, “Well, of course you can do things alone, you’re boy, I’m girl”.
These are some of the things that some people most tell me when they find out that I have done something “alone”. I don’t really understand why, but some people seem kind of shocked when I say I do something alone. Others perhaps even think that I am asocial or that I don’t have a “social life”. I don’t really get why some people have this fear to be “alone”. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are more than 7 billion people who live in your same planet! Do you think it is not enough? You may answer me :”I don’t know 7 billion people, I am always alone”. - Aren’t you a person? You’re not alone, believe me. You are with you, and with yourself. Just you and yourself. Is it just me who thinks it is nice to have some moments only for you?

I am writing this post because I’ve noticed that some people, especially the youngest have a bad conceit of being “alone”. To not have someone on your side when you’re going to the beach or going to shop is considered uncool. Just why? If I go to eat an ice scream with nobody, it does not mean that I do not friends. The same if I go to watch a horror movie at the cinema. You know what it actually means? It means that my friends don’t enjoy creepy stuff, and that’s ok, we are all different and we have different tastes, but I won’t never renounce watching a film that I have been waiting for so long. And then I also got as answer :”You know, it’s different. You’re a boy, you can do it. I am a girl. It’s dangerous for me”. – Honey, listen up. I explain you everything. It’s not that I am a boy and you’re a girl. It’s just that I love myself, I am not scared to share what I love with myself, and I'm not going to lose what I want to do just because I do not find someone who wants to do that thing. Moreover, you’re very sexist if you think that girls can do less than boys.

I wanted to write this post so bad because I'm so sorry to see people that are stuck just because of the stupid society that puts the wrong ideas in your minds. Truly, if there is anything you like to do, do not stop for any reason! You are not alone, you’re with you and yourself, and then in the street you might find some new mates, who knows it!

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