Monday, February 19, 2018

I'm back!!!

Hello everybody! After a long break here on my blog, I’m finally back writing. How are you? What did you do in these last months?
Me, I’m pretty fine. I’m always in Venice, studying my favorite language Japanese. Kanjis (ideograms), role-plays, exercises every day. Sometimes it is hard, not the language itself, but university life in general. Anyway, it’s ok in this way. I like difficult things and put myself into challenges.

Now I am sitting in my room, I just had a shower. Night is my favorite part of the day. I mean there is nothing of more fascinating than a sleeping city, looking at the stars, and just dream. To dream to walk in infinite spaces. Yeah, I know, I dream too much, but how can I not dream in a city like Venice?

This is just a brief coming-back blog column “Phil’s diary”. Every Monday a new piece of my diary.
Good night, and do not forget to dream!

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