Monday, July 16, 2018

Coming back home

Hello dear readers, it’s me Phil who writes. And yes, I know it is a very long time since I wrote my last post here on my blog. Now another academic year is over, and I am not writing from my bedroom in Venice, instead in the kitchen in the house I grew up in Agrigento, Sicily. I came back on July 10th and it’s already one week I am here. And it was almost six months I didn’t see my family because I moved to Venice on August, then I came back for Christmas but just for one week.

It is very nice to see your parents and your brother after many months. However, to me summertime is always hard because you have to stop your daily routine, and literally do nothing. I mean, I do go out with friends, but it is just hard to me to just chill. Anyway, I guess that some boredom is not that bad sometimes. It’s just that Sicily and Venice are two completely different realities. Yes, it is always Italy, but there are so many differences between North and South. For instance, in Mestre, where I live in Venice, there are many green parks, here in Agrigento there aren’t, there are beaches. They are kind of a park, but you know, I don’t like that much to lay on the sand and get burned by the hot sun.

I had also written a post last year entitled “What it means to be Sicilian”, where I explained my weird relationship with this island: sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I just have weird feelings here. Nevertheless, I will try my best to enjoy these weeks here in Sicily and I am going to publish a new post every Monday! And next Monday I am not here in Sicily, but somewhere else. Can you guess where? Comment below.
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