Monday, July 30, 2018

7 things you can't miss doing in Madrid

Hello eveyone! Welcome back to Monday’s post. As you may know, last week I was in Madrid and I spent six beautiful days in the Spanish capital city. But what to visit in this happy and colorful place? What are the things that you can’t miss? So, here there is a new #TravelNote: 7 things you can’t miss to visit in Madrid.

1) Being royal in Madrid
The Royal Palace is one of the most famous buildings in this city and still today it is the Spanish Royal Family residency. I recommend to have a walk at evening after dinner: you can find many street artists + the gardens are so amazing.

2) Go to "retire" at the parkAre you tired of life? Go to retire yourself to El Ritiro park (this is the meaning in Spanish “retire”). It is the biggest in the city, and it is very HUGE! There is even a lake inside where you can rent a boat and go around.

3) Egypt? You may think it is a photo taken in Egypt. No, it’s always Spain. Debod’s Temple is a gift from Egypt to Spain when was helped to save Nubia temples.

4) A little bit out from Madrid
This is not actually Madrid. It’s Toledo. It was the ancient city of Spain and here many peoples came: Arabs, Romans, Jews … indeed in this old little cute town you can find many churches, but also some synagogues.

5) A little bit of art
In Madrid there are two very important art museums: one is The Prado museum where you can find the most iconic paintings of Goya, Hieronymus Bosch, Tiziano, etc. The other museum is Reina Sofia museum: I suggest this one if you are a big fan of Salvador Dalì.

6) Eat Paella!
Paella is a traditional Spanish dish made of rise, and ingredients can be fish, meat or vegetables. I think it is so delicious!

7) Sunday Market
If you want to experience something different from the most famous spots full of tourists, and if it’s Sunday, I suggest the local market located in El rasto neighborhood. They sell EVERYTHING. From old-fashioned furniture to funny t-shirts.

8) Spend all your money on shopping!
YASSS. Go to Gran vía, the main and big commercial street and there you can find the most famous shops: H&M, Zara, and a Primark made of 5 floors!!!

And if you didn't watch it yet, here there is my vlog!

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