Thursday, August 10, 2017

5 things you can't miss to visit in Bratislava!

Welcome back to Phil's World with a new #TravelNote. Last time I wrote about "5 things you can't miss to visit in Prague". Today's post is about the unconventional city of Bratislava! Why unconventional? Because it is different from the other capital cities, it is not famous as Vienna or Prague, it is not that big city, it is calm, and relaxing. In the past, the city was named Pressburg by the Germans. The current city was named Bratislava only by 1919 through a survey to citizens. Today Bratislava is Slovakia capital city and the biggest one of the whole country.
So let's start with "5 things you can't miss visiting in Bratislava". HERE WE GO!

1) The white castle
Above the hill of the city there is this white castle, almost perfect with its symmetries. It is the "Castle of Bratislava", now home of the Parliament. During the 16th century it was home to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

2) What a friendly statue!
Bratislava is full of bizarre statues. One of these is Cumil, the one who is in charge of sewerage. The statue, like many others, has been there since 1997 to make the city a little more cheerful than the gritty architecture of the communist regime.

3) Is it Disneyland?
It may look like a Disneyland castle, but it's actually a church. Just because of the unusual coloration it is often called "Blue Church", but is dedicated to Elizabeth of Hungary, grown in the white castle.

4) OMG! Is that an UFO? 
Commonly called "UFO" for the round building on the top, this is the Novy Most, one of the most impressive bridges on the Danube. Going up there is a luxurious restaurant, and on top a beautiful panorama of the city. It is advisable to go to sunset.

5) A bit of shopping is never a bad idea
It may sound foolish to go to a mall on holiday, but believe me if you've been tired a bit of the town or of the hot weather, a visit is worth it. There are two malls in the city! What I recommend is called "Eurovea" and is not far from the city center, next to a park.

Now I should go because my friend is waiting for me at the library to study together. See you tomorrow with a new video :) 

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