Monday, August 7, 2017

My last days in Sicily

In these days I am literally melting like an ice-lolly. Now it is around 40 degrees. It is frustrating, tiring, it is like being inside an oven, and you are the chicken. I am not exaggerating. When you go out from home, if you don’t spread solar scream all over your body, you will turn into a mature red pepper. So, in these days I spent most of my time at home with the cooler turned on because I don’t want ruin my poor, tender skin. This summer is a bit weird for me. It is my completely free summer after two years: I don’t have nothing to do, nothing to study, just nothing. Instead, in summer 2015, when I came back from my exchange year in Denmark I had to study for being accepted again in my class, and then in 2016 I had to study for my admission test at university, and fortunately today I am studying where I wanted!

This summer is free, but not free from boredom. Sometimes I think I complain too much. When I’m busy, I want to be free, and vice versa, when it’s hot, I want weather to be cold, and vice versa, and I could continue for many other lines. Yes, I should enjoy the moment. I try. Last Saturday I went out with some of my friends in San Leone. Who does not know it, it is the bathing area of my city, and in the seafront there are many nice restaurants and other places where to hang out. And I must say that I enjoyed very much to see my friends again after a long time, talking together, taking some selfies (you know that I am a selfie addicted), etc. Nevertheless, then when we went for a walk, the street was full of people, like a beehive! Nevertheless, the problem was not that there were many people, but the real deal was that it was huge mass of people: some of them throwing things on the floor, the same for the ones who smoke, or others who just stopped in the middle of the street and didn’t let you go. I know that some people would tell me “you’re such a drama queen!”. But that night I could see only decay. And that made me feel sad.

This is the summer, no wait, the last days of a Sicilian that in a pair of days is going to leave again to go back to the other city, Venice! About my complains, some people tell me that I am too exaggerated, but why do I have to withstand something that is not nice in silence, why I should not say my opinion. Just why? I simply say what I think and I believe you also should it!


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My next #TravelNote is not this Wednesday, but on Thursday! (just a little change). See ya travellers! 

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