Wednesday, August 2, 2017

5 things you can't miss to visit in Prague!

Welcome back to a new #TravelNote post! Last time I made a list of "8 things you absolutely need to visit in Vienna", today it's Prague's round. Before suggesting you the top-5 things to visit in this pictoresque city, I want to specify that I have been in Prague for just one day because I was staying overnight in Vienna. Anyway, if you have the chance, I reccomend to stay some more days in the fantastic Czech Republic's capital city. And now ... HERE WE GO! 

1) Check out what time it is!
I am talking about the astronomical clock located in the "old town" of the city. Why is this clock so popular? The mechanism is quite complex, there are three different clock face: the astronimical one, "The Walk of the Apostles" where every hour you can see the twelve Apostles that move, and another one that shows the twelve months of the year. 

2) Imagine one world as one!

Yes, I am talking about the legendary John Lennon. In Prague there is a whole wall dedicated to him. Why in Prague? Because during the Communist regim he became an idol, a source of hope for many young Czechs. Today, you can find many peaceful sentences and graffiti on the wall. 

3) Have a walk in the Jewish neighbourhood
Prague has been for many centuries a big centre in Europe for the Jewish community. Indeed, not so far from the "old town", you can find a Jewish neighbouhood with many sinagogues. I reccomend to visit at least one of them!

4) OMG! Venice is pursing me! 
Ok, in Venice the houses are kind of different, but this place is named "The Little Venice". There are actually water channels and our friendly tour guide explained us that in the past the city was flooded several times. 

5) Take many pictures in the awsome Charles bridge!
Charles bridge is one of the most famous sposts in Prague. Charles IV was actually the Bohemia's king at that time and it was him who asked to build it. It is made in stone and it is long 515 meters. 

I hope you liked this TravelNote. Next time I will write about Slovakia's capital city: Bratislava! 

And, if you missed my vlog about my latest trip, here it is!

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