Monday, July 31, 2017

A no-sense post

It’s Monday. 23.46. Oops! I had to publish my #PhilsDiary post.
Today I didn’t go out. I woke up. Always a little bit late. Actually I woke up because in the streets there was noise. I weighed myself. 58,3 kg. Too much. So I decide to eat only my yoghurt. No biscuits. Waiting for important calls. I hate when I have to wait for something very important. I get very very anxious. But if for breakfast I ate only a yoghurt, during the afternoon break, I ate two ice creams, mini salted pretzels, biscuits, bread slices and an entire little bread. I know it does not make sense. But when I feel nervous, I would go to live to another planet.
However, anything was all bad. I played with my brother with Nintendo Wii. It was a very long time I didn’t play with him. When he asks me to play together, I always answer:”No, I’m busy / I don’t want to”. I know I am such a shady, sometimes.
And then, after dinner, I obliged my brother to watch some Lady Gaga videos (ahahahah I love to do it!) and then we watched other trash videos of one of my favourite youtubers (check out my Instagram account to see). So, though in the morning was a so-so day, from afternoon on I enjoyed.
Now my room stinks of feet (don’t know why), and then I will lay on my bed thinking about my dreams. If you’re reading this now, I wish you good night!

If you missed it, watch my latest video on YouTube!

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