Wednesday, July 26, 2017

8 things you can't miss to visit in the elegant Vienna!

If you have followed last week my Instagram story and Facebook page, you should know that I have been in Vienna (and not only) for holidays. And as I promised, here it is a new #TravelNote about my stay in the Austrian capital city!
So I prepared a list of “8 things you can’t miss to visit in Vienna”. HERE WE GO!

1) The huge St. Stephan’s Cathedral

Situated in the heart of the city, when you get out from the subway stop Stephansdom, you will see it in front of you! It became through the years the city’s symbol and its spire, one of the highest in the world, can be seen almost from every corner of Vienna.

2) Have a walk in Wonderland!

I am just kidding, but doesn’t it seem a place from a storybook? It is actually the Hundertwasser village, an alternative neighborhood projected by the homonym artist and architecture. Its goal was to “make happy” a not so wealthy neighborhood of Vienna. And I think he succeed with his idea. It is absolutely my favourite area of the city! 
Have a look at the public toilets!!! 

3) Visit Hofburg … what?
Hofburg, situated not so far from the center of the city, was for many centuries the heart of the Austrian power. Today it is the current Presidential residence. Not bad. 

4) Go back to the past with Sisi museum
Have you ever heard about the beautiful princess Sisi with very long hair? Well, if you entered inside the Hofburg there’s a big museum dedicated to her and to silverware used by the Royal family. This in the picture is only the centerpiece (and I did not manage to photograph all of it!) 

5) Schönbrunn: Sisi's house
Schönbrunn castle is the famous Vienna’s imperial palace. The queue to enter can be sometimes very long, so I suggest to book from your sofa at home. (click here to book)

6) Be kissed by art!
Did you recognize it? It is the famous painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. The real one! You find it inside the huge Galerie Belvedere and there you will find many other Austrian/German and other famous artists such as Monet. 

7) It’s time to have fun!

I love so much amusement parks! So I couldn’t miss to visit this one! Its name is Prater and is well known for the panoramic wheel. A ride is highly recommended! 

8) Have a sacher cake 

After have visited all the main places of the city, sit in a typical café, relax and have a delicious piece of cake. The one I suggest, and perhaps the most famous, is the sachertorte, which is a chocolate cake served with cream.

See you next Wednesday with a new #TravelPost about Prague! And Friday, too, with a new video on YouTube!

And to finish, I want to congratulate with arianna.michi and fedegattolini who guessed where I had to go through my Instagram stories :D

If you have any question about Vienna, send me a tweet at @itsphilworld with the hashtag #TravelPost. Bye!!!

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