Monday, May 11, 2015

The oldest man in Denmark!

Hello back!
I don't know why, but I am so happy right now. As I explained to you  in the last post, in this period I have so many feelings. Anyway, today I would like to speak about an amazing museum I visited last Saturday. Its name is Moesgaard Museum and it surprises me a little bit that it is not so famous. It is situated near by Århus and his particularity is that it is oblique. Yes, you read right! 

Moreover, it is also possible to go into the top of the roof and look at the panorama.
The museum is quite big, and it is dedicated to human history and archeology. In fact, the visit starts in the stares, where you can meet our forefathers. They seemed to be real!!!

Going through the man from the Iron Age, and see all their tools, jewellery, swords. For example the ones below are not crowns, but neck rings. I wonder, if they did not feel suffocated. 
And then, I arrive at a point where there were a lot of people looking at something. I approach to see what it is, and there is something black lying on the floor. I can't get what it is, and then I realised it was the Grauballe Man: the oldest man found in Denmark!!!
He was found in a bog in 1952 and it is said he comes from the 3rd century B.C., during the Iron Age. 

Personal opinions? I think it was a great experience and the museum is well done. Usually there are a lot of people, but it is not like the Louvre museum that if you don't book, you have to wait two hours before entering.
In addition, if you are in Århus, you can easily get there taking the city bus 18 and in around 25 minutes you will arrive. So simple :)
If you are going to visit Jutland, I recommend it!
Here I leave you the link of the official website

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