Monday, May 18, 2015

10 reasons why you MUST visit Copenhagen

Last weekend I’ve been visiting Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark … and what to say? It was stunning! I already knew how cool it could be, but it exceeded my expectations. While I was walking on the streets, I was so amazed that I was walking with my mouth opened. So this time I decided to tell 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT COPENHAGEN at least once in your life!!! (it is so cute that I want to live there! *.*)

1)   A big city with the sea

Copenhagen has something that many other big cities in Europe like Paris, London, Berlin, or Rome don’t have: the sea! Yes, Copenhagen overlooks the sea and it is so lovely to look around its canals and if you have the chance, take a boat-trip and go to discover the most hidden places of the city.

2) Fun!

In Copenhagen you can have a lot of fun! Both alone, with friends or family. Just go to visit Tivoli gardens, one of the oldest amusement park in the world! And I think it is the best in the world!!! (I’ve been also in Disneyland Paris)

3) Pastries

If you want to cheer up your palate, you MUST go to Copenhagen: the capital of pastries! Going down to Strøget (the main street), you will face with a lot of bakeries or fancy tearooms. For example, if you want to go to a really cool one, go to La Glace, very famous because served to the royal family their delicacies! But be careful at the prices: a piece of cake can cost 60 crowns, that is around 8€! 

4) Theater

If you love musicals, or you’re interested in theaters, you should visit the Copenhagen Opera House. It is one of the largest and most modern operas in the world. This is Danish design, ladies and gentlemen!

5) Take a picture with the guard

Who doesn’t know it, Denmark is a monarchy like UK for example, and there are also the guards around the winter home of the Queen. With the guards you can do every grimace you want, they will be stay iced … ALWAYS. Me I preferred to keep me … ihihihi

6) Try new experiences 

Any drug is not allowed in Denmark, but there is a little place where you can break the role: it is called Christiania. A “free city” where it is possible to buy some cannabis or other light substances (even though in reality they sell EVERYTHING secretely). Just kidding don’t do it, it is not legal and the police could come in a moment and arrest you! But it is nice to take a beer there.

7) Eat well

This looks like a normal restaurant … well … you’d better think again. It is called Noma and it has been nominated for four times the best restaurant in the world! And you if you really want to eat there, you have to book at least one year before.

8)  Fairy tales were born here

H.C. Andersen is the father of a lot of fairy tales that you might know. He lived for a long time in Copenhagen and you could visit a museum dedicated to him or take a photo with the beautiful Little Mermaid.

9) A clean city

Copenhagen is a big city, but compared to other metropolis it is quite clean, it is ecological and there is no pollution. Just think that there are more bikes than cars!

10) Try one of the best beers in the world

  The famous beer Carlsberg comes from Copenhagen. There you can visit its museum and know about its history, and of course taste the fourth most produced beer in the world. Just the entrance with the big elephants is spectacular. 

I hope you enjoyed my post. Next post always next Monday and comment below if you would like to know something about Copenhagen or Denmark. Vi ses!!! :)


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