Sunday, May 10, 2015

Last weeks

Hello everybody!
It is a very long time since I wrote here last time, but I have been very busy with school. You know it is the last period and we have to do many assignments.

Anyway, I am back to tell you how things are going on my exchange in Denmark. I did many things in this period, but I also have a lot of feelings because I have only less than two months here. From one side I am very sad: leaving everything here, it just makes me cry. On the other side, I am fucking happy: I am going to see after 10 months my family, friends, my Italian land! 

I always say that being an exchange student is one of the most amazing things, but at the same time so hard. For example last time I was alone home, I did not know what to do and it was pouring raining. But when it stopped, I took my cell phone and headphones and went for a walk near by the port. And there I changed my mood. The sun always makes me smile!
Or last weekend I went to visit the “Industrimuseet” (industry museum) in the city where I live. It was very interesting to see all that very old machines, but not just machines, also old TVs, radios, and see how it was life in Denmark around sixty years ago.
Or just hanging out with my sweet exchange students! With them, I always feel well, we can understand each other, we are in the same boat, and we have the same problems and feelings. So on Wednesday I went to eat with this friendly girl from Chile at McDonald’s … because we are fat exchange students! :D

Next weekend I go to visit Copenhagen (finally!), so I hope I will write also about that. See you … in Danish vi ses!