Monday, May 25, 2015

Horsens: my city in Denmark

Hej alle! (hello everybody in Danish)
In this post I am going to talk about the city where I live here in Denmark: Horsens!
It is a nice city of about 60.000 inhabitants in the middle of Jutland, which faces to the East coast of the peninsula.

 Horsens is not a very big city, but I think it is so lovely and cute, and there is everything you need to live. Anything is missing. For example, Horsens is a perfect city to the people who love going for shopping. Go for a walk in the main street Søndergade, there you will find many shops, and many of them are not so expensive in comparison with the normal prices in Denmark.

Horsens is also a cultural city. It means that in the city, through the year, there are several nice festivals. The most famous is the Medieval Festival. It is the biggest in Europe and it is usually hold in the last weekend of August in the old prison of the city. This festival is just so big that deserves a visit. There are many activities, like the horses games, food that was used to eat at that time and everybody is dressing with clothes like in the Middle Ages.

As I mentioned before, Horsens is famous for Horsens Statsfængel, translated the Horsens State Prison. And as you can understand it was a prison in the past till 2006. Today it is a museum, where it is even possible to visit a cell and get a nap ihihihi! Moreover, it is a place where many concerts are hold, as the rock band Metallica played there.

Another thing that I love of this city is nature. Yes! In the city you can find many parks where it is possible to have a picnic with friends and relaxing! I will miss this very much because in the city in Italy where I live there are not many green places (but we have many beaches!).

 I hope you liked my post. Write in a comment below if you have ever been in Horsens and what you want I talk about on my next post. Vi ses!


  1. Wowww!! Fantastic as alwayss !! I really can't wait for the next post ! \|/..

    1. Thank you so much!!! Your comments always warm my heart :D