Monday, July 3, 2017

What happened to Phil?

Halløj! Phil’s back to his world! I know I have been very absent in this period, but I’ve been very very busy. So, what happened in this period? What did I do? Now I am going to tell you …
As you might know, last time I wrote here on my blog was about Venice because in September I entered to university. It was not that easy because there was an entry test, but fortunately, I did it. Now I study Japanese language and culture at Ca’ Foscari University. Initially, I was a bit nervous because I did not know what to expect, but then I get used to that “university life” and I love it! I made new friends that now become very important people to me, I now know the narrow streets of Venice and don’t get lost anymore (because I did it for the whole first two months) and now I can read and write Japanese, which for me it is a great achievement!

Now I finished my first academic year. I can’t really believe how fast time flew. Currently I am in Sicily, and I already miss to see all those tourist crowds in Venice, but I know I will come soon there. In Sicily I enjoy the summer, my family and friends, and perhaps relax a little bit. Though, I must be honest that every time I come back to my hometown I always feel a weird emotion, like saying “I don’t want to come back home”, but on the other side “Yes, I want to come back and relax”. I think sometimes summer is very sad because you interrupt what you were used to do, all your friends disappear because some of them are on vacations, or others have already made other friends and probably have forgotten about you. Just some random gloomy thoughts. 

Anyway, now that I am officially back, I will try my best to keep my blog alive and promise this time I will not abandon it for a very long time.

Every Monday I am going to a post a “Phil’s Diary” page like this one, where I express just random thoughts.
Every Wednesday I am going to post a “Travel Note” page, which is a brief article about travel tips based on my experiences.
In “日本語で” section, I am going to post some of my articles translated into Japanese, so I can practice it and hope to get in touch with some nice Japanese people.

See you next time, またね!(Matane!)

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