Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bologna and its leaning towers

During my absence in my blog, in April, I went to visit the beautiful city of Bologna with my dear friend I did not see for months. Even though I am Italian, I had never visited it before. Bologna is one of the most famous cities in Italy, also famous for its ancient universities and its towers. It is one of the Italian cities with the largest and most-well preserved historic center. Therefore, if you are in the neighborhood I recommend going to a visit.
Obviously, as mentioned before, one of the most important monuments is its towers. There are three, but the most famous is the "Torre degli Asinelli" (Tower of little donkeys), and next to it there is the "Torre Prendiparte", which is just like the Pisa Tower, a leaning tower. You can also climb to the top of the tower with only three euros. However, be careful, the stairs inside are very narrow, so if you are suffering from clustering phobia, perhaps it is better you do not enter.
Even though it is not that easy to get to the top, when you arrive, you see a heartbreaking view of the city. It feels like flying over the city and see all the cute red roofs of the houses. The tower is height 97,20 meters and inside there are 498 steps!!!

Here it is a picture that shows the very narrow (and dangerous) stairs to get to the top of the tower.

Besides its towers, in Bologna, there are also many ancient churches and one of the most famous is Basilica di San Petronio in Piazza Maggiore, the main square of the city. The church was built between 1390 and 1659 and it is said it is the largest church of world built by bricks.
If at the end of your day, you still have a little bit of time, I suggest you a ride to the “tourist train”, a very friendly train that makes you a little tour of the city while you comfortably sit down and take some pictures.

Phil hopes you like this brief article. See you next Wednesday with a new "Travel Note". Ciao! :D 

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