Tuesday, September 6, 2016

8 reasons why you should visit Venice

It’s Phil again with a fresh, new post who is writing for you. As you should know (always if you follow my Facebook and Instagram page), some days ago I went to Venice, probably the most famous and beautiful city in Italy.
I like Venice very much because it’s a unique city and when you go there it seems you are on another planet. For this reason, I’ve written this post … to give you 8 reasons why you should visit Venice at least once in your life!

1. It is a romantic city

With its picturesque streets (or better to say its canals) and flower-decorated houses and restaurants, it creates a magic atmosphere around the floating city which creates the best place for a couple in love.

2. Food is fresh, genuine and fresh
In Venice you can’t really starve because in every corner of the city there is a place to eat. You can find McDonald’s or Burger King if you are squeamish and don’t want to try new things. But believe me, you need to try Italian food. It is genuine, healthy and very very tasty. For instance, I ate for lunch in a very cosy restaurant I took these beautiful dumplings with garnished with monkfish, tomatoes and olives … PARADISE!

3. There they make very fine blown glass
Do you know what the blue sculpture behind me is made of? The answer is glass! Yes, you read correctly. In Murano (an island near the Venice island) they make fine blown glass, and with that they make everything. Fine furnishings, bottles for perfumes, jewels, and some of them are quite expensive.

4. You can relax in a gondola boat
A gondola is this flat boat and Venice is full of it. Many tourists take it to have a tour by water of the city. It is very nice because you can actually sit down and enjoy the panorama. But I warn, this can be VERY EXPENSIVE. (Yes, Venice is expensive!)

5.  It is elegant
Venice is such an elegant and refined city. If you go to Piazza San Marca (St. Mark’s Square), which is the biggest square of the city, you can hear classic music played in the outdoors bars. 

6.    There are hidden places
If you really want to discover the heart of the city, you should be lost. Go to the crossroads and follow the most silent street. You will probably find something special. This is Libreria Acqua Alta, it is the coolest bookshop in the world. The shop is very messy, but instead of shelves, there are old boats or bathtubs. Here its Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/libreriaacquaalta/

7.    There are unconventional fast-food restaurants
As I mentioned before, in Venice you can eat in every way you prefer. If you have to hurry up, but you desire to eat something Italian … you can! This was a fast-food restaurant where pasta was served in these boxes. I took nero di seppia which is sepia and the pasta looks totally black.

8.    It is wonderland! 
Venice is just incredible. It’s incredible how people can live in the middle of the sea. Its picturesque and colourful houses makes you feel in a magic fairy tail.

I hope you liked this post . . . and if you want to know more about Venice, watch my video on my channel YouTube ;) 

See you next time with a new post! またね

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