Sunday, August 28, 2016

What's Phil's World?

Hello everyone! This is Phil and welcome to my world!
I’m writing to post to let you know better what Phil’s World is about. Phil’s World was born initially as a travel blog, where I shared my exchange year experience in Denmark (it was in 2014-2015). Phil’s World is still about my amazing time in the land of Vikings, but this time I decided to make my blog “bigger”. I mean that I want to talk not only about my trips, but about my other interests too, such as languages, cinema and much more.

And as you can notice, my blog has a totally new design. I’ve been inspired by nature this time, precisely by a Japanese bamboo forest. I introduce to you the new buttons. First of all, on the top of the page I added a new fresh playlist which I find it very relaxing to read. In case you don’t appreciate it, you can always pause it. Then I decided to organize all my posts in different sections. In “About Me” I tell you very briefly who I am; then in “Travel Notes” there are all my posts about my trips. In “Languages” I want to write facts and language lessons, now there is only a Danish lesson, but I promise I will add a lot of new ones. And the last one is “Posts In Italian” (yes, I’m Italian!) which I wrote only one. As soon as possible I will add the section “Movie reviews”.

And to conclude this sort of guide to my blog, if you scroll a little bit down, to your right, you should have a little box with all my links of other social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On my YouTube channel I don’t post so many videos, but I have intention to make a lot of new videos to make more interactive my blog.

Hope you enjoy my project and if you have any suggestion, comment below … what’s more? If you want to contact me for business or for any collaboration, please contact me on

PREVIEW: My next post will be about my latest trip in Venice 

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