Monday, July 13, 2015

Florence: the most beautiful city in Italy

When I came back from Denmark, my parents picked me up at the airport of Rome, and then we went for a nice tour in the middle of Italy and we visited many cozy places: one of these was Florence
It wasn’t my first time visiting Florence, but it is always very very nice coming back there because I really think Florence is the most beautiful city in Italy! In the past it was a very important cultural centre. All the most important Italian characters in history, art or literature was born here, or at least have been here. I can quote some names: Dante, Machiavelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Brunelleschi and other more. 

One of the things you MUST visit in Florence is the “Ponte vecchio”, that in Italian means “The old bridge”. And what there is on this bridge? A lot of luxurious jewelers. 

In Florence there are a lot of picturesque squares, but the most famous is absolutely “La Piazza della Signoria”. It is the centre of the city, its heart. From there you can easily go to visit the famous art museum “La galleria degli Uffizzi” (but I suggest you to book, otherwise you have to wait around 5 hours before you enter!), the cathedral of the city and many important sculptures, including the renowned David by Michelangelo

Something that I like very much from Florence are their markets. You can find a lot of markets, especially leather markets. They sell bags, coats, shoes, all made of leather and the prices are not that expensive, so I recommend you to have a look there.

Florence is also a cool city. I mean that you can find always something of innovative. For example, when I was there, there was a “Magnum Shop” (do you know the famous stick ice scream?). Well, in this shop you could have your very own personalized Magnum, it means you could decide what to put on.

A thing that you CAN’T miss is Brunelleschi’s dome. It is so huge and magnificent! In fact it is the biggest mansory dome ever built! Then my dad had the great idea to go up! It was a great experience, but I warn you: if you suffer from claustrophobia, it is better you don’t go. The stairs are very very tight and inside it is extremely hot.

Anyway, it was touching to see from closer the frescoes from inside: they were just amazing! 

And then, after a lot of stairs, full of tourists complaining and wondering how much there is left, you see a light from outside: we finally arrived! What our eyes saw was this ...

And you, have you ever been in Florence? If so, what did you like most? Comment below :) 


  1. Wow, one day I must also go to Italy and visit Firenze! I like reading your stories, even after your AFS year. :)

    1. Oh thank you very much :) Even though I'm not on exchange anymore, I will write new posts soon!