Thursday, March 26, 2015

1st Danish lesson: how to greet

Hello everybody and welcome back to Phil’s World!
This time I will post something different … this will be my first Danish lesson! And what am I going to talk about? Well, it is the first lesson … and when you learn a new language, the first thing you learn to say is how to greet … so I start saying you that hello is “hej” and it is pronounced like hi in English.
However, Danes like to greet in any different waves, so it is also common hear “Hey”, “Halløj”, “Davs” and more. 
Now let’s start with formal greetings … when you go to school, to work or meet any person in the morning, you should say “Godmorgen”. How to pronounce it? Well, pronunciation is one the biggest problem in Danish, so it will sound like a “Go’ Mor’en”
When it is from around 11 o’ clock you should not say anymore “God Morgen”, but “God dag”, and now again I TRY to write how to say it … “Go’ de”
Then if it is evening you say “God aften”, which means good evening ... and you say it “Go’ aften” 

Then, if you want to wish a good night to your children or to someone else, you say “godnat”, pronounced as “go’ net”.

Now we learn how to say goodbye … and it is very simple. If you want to say bye bye, it is just “hej hej”, but if you prefer to be more polite you can also say “farvel” and in this case you pronounce as you read it!

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