Friday, February 20, 2015

Food you need to try in Denmark

Welcome back to my blog! This time I did not know what to write about, so I asked in a group Facebook of exchange students what they would like to know about Denmark. I got many requests, but the first one was … food, and here I eat a lot, so why not?
Here I will tell what I tasted in these months here and what I think you really should try. Obviously, there are million things to try, but I will write about what I tasted here. Let’s go!

1) If a person asks me which food really make me thing Denmark, I would say rugbrød. What is it? It is a “black bread” and it is the most used here. Danes eat it very often they put on what they like: ham, butter, fish etc.

2) You would wonder what these red things are. They are marzipan and they usually do them for Christmas. These one below are the Danish flags. They were delicious!

    3) In Denmark, you can find a LOT of candies, but especially licorice. You can find licorice everywhere, and if I say everywhere … I really mean everywhere. Ice cream, chocolate, cakes, etc. These one are licorice teddy bears. So cute!

   4) If you look at this dish, there is not something of special. Just rice, sausages, a brown sauce and meat. But you know what meat? It is Bambi’s father! I have to be honest, I don’t even know how it is called in Italian (my first language), I think in English is … fawn? It was very particular.

5) This is another thing usually eaten for Christmas: risalamande. It is a rice pudding with almond crumble and served with an exquisite cherry sauce.
If you’re going to eat for Christmas dinner, you have to be careful because you could find an entire almond, and if you will, you get a present.

6) This one are other typical food for Christmas. Yes, Christmas is a very important thing here in Denmark. They’re called kleiner (I am not sure about the spelling). They are fried, and they are very good and soft.

7) Here there are my lovers! My favourite cake: hindbærnitter. They are like a big double cookie with inside with raspberry. And the funniest thing is that I can’t stop buying them in the cellar of my school.

8) Well, here you can see from the shop “Tiger” (I guess you can find it also in some other countries), all the types of candies and other stuff.

9) Another thing that I really love are pancakes. They are not something very particular from Denmark, but I never tried them before in Italy and now I felt in love with them.

10) These are always almonds, but as you can see, they are in a pan because they have to be covered with sugar. They are also usually eaten for Christmas.

    11) And to sum up this food list, here there are a couple of cakes that were for my Danish sister’s birthday. The one on the right side is called winerbrød, instead the other one fragilité, and I don’t really understand why this name because in French it means fragility.

I really hope you joined this post about Danish food. Isn’t that bad food in Denmark, right? 

And in your country what is typical and what do you like to eat most? Leave a comment below!

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