Saturday, February 14, 2015

A day in art museum

It is 12th of February. I invited home an exchange student, always from Italy. So in the morning, after we had dinner with the, bread and Nutella, we decided to go to visit the art museum of Horsens, which is the city where I live here in Denmark. The museum is much close to my house, but since I am here I have never went before. It is a museum of Danish contemporary art and it is very relevant because it has a very big collection of the famous Danish artist Michael Kvium. Michael Kvium is a very strange painter, as you can see from the photos, and he creates grotesque works depicting the darker side of life. 

The museum is very well maintained and it is very nice. Inside there is also a bar and a workshop, where I bought a postcard of one of the paintings I liked most.
My personal opinion? I think it was a very nice and interesting visit, at the same time also fun identifying with the characters in the paintings, even though I expected the museum was bigger and I thought there were more things about Michael Kvium, since he was born here in Horsens.

Here I also leave you the link of the official website of the museum:

Next date, next Saturday J

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