Wednesday, July 12, 2017

8 things you absolutely need when you travel

Sometimes even the most desired journey can be wearisome. That long travel that never ends, the hot weather that does not help you or being sit in the small chair of the airplane can be exhausting. This “Travel Note” is different from the others because I am not going to talk about a specific place, but this time I am going to give you a list of tips to make the tiring trip a little bit more enjoyable, all thought but Phil, obviously! Here we go with the “8 things you absolutely need when you travel”.

1) a camera

It’s true that the best memories are kept in your heart, but wouldn’t it be a pity to go to New York and not even have a picture in Times Square? Bring with you a camera, not obligatory a big and expensive one, but just a little digital one which is perfect to keep it in your purse.
I use my Nikon waterproof camera which takes discrete pictures. I suggest a camera rather than the cell phone because you are not distracted with the various applications, and besides it makes you a real traveler!

2) Happy and catchy music
As I said before sometimes a trip can be very long, maybe even endless. So why not to listen to your favourite songs, and sing along with your travel companions? For instance, I love to listen to my favourite pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Madonna, while I fly above the clouds.

3) A book

In the frenetic everyday life can be hard to have time to read a good book, so why not to take the chance to do it while you’re waiting your number gate at the airport? I personally do not read so much, but I think that life is too short to waste time, so when I travel I like to bring something to read.

4) A good rucksack

 When you have arrived at your destination, you will probably walk a lot, buy many souvenirs for friends and family, and then you get thirsty and need to drink. And where do you keep all these things? I usually use this green Eastpack rucksack, which is big enough to keep all my things.

5) Comfortable shoes

Do not attempt to travel or go sightseeing with high heels or with sandals. You will regret it so badly! Instead, wear a pair of shoes that are comfortable, you are used to walk with. On my luggage I bring both my beloved converses and my sneakers.

6) A power bank for your cell phone

You have a lot of missing calls because your friends want to know in which part of the world you are, but your cell phone is out of charge and can’t contact anyone? My biggest suggestion is to buy a good power bank (because there are also the cheap ones and do not work). For this one I paid 10 euros, so it is not that big deal.

7) Sunglasses is always a good idea

Whether you are at Maldives or in Island, I believe sunglasses need to be always in your travel rucksack. Why? Well, when you bought a low cost flight, but it’s at 2 am, your eyes will look like the panda’s ones!

8) Happiness and enthusiasm
To travel is always an exciting experience, so be motivated, and curious as a little child. When I visit a new country I take pictures without interruption and say all the time “Wow!!! Look that!”.

Indeed, I am very excited because tomorrow I am gone for my vacations!!! Where do I go? GUESS! If you say exactly where I am going, you will be mentioned in my next post.

I beg you pardon if this Friday, next Monday and next Wednesday there will be no posts on my blog because I will be the whole day taking pictures. However, I will still post something on my Facebook page and on my Instagram story!

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