Friday, February 6, 2015

Welcome to my blog!

Hello everybody! I just created my blog!!! I am so happy for that :) Let me introduce briefly who I am. My name is Phil (not real), and I am from Italy, but not now ... now I am an exchange student in Denmark! I am here for about six months. Maybe you might wonder why did I create this blog when I arrived: well I did not think about it, but I had opened a page on facebook where I tell about my experience. Another reason why I decided to open a blog is because I love writing, I love sharing pictures, and I love being on Internet, so I want to share my thoughts with you. 

Now I introduce you how I structured the website. First of all I will write my posts in English, because I think that almost everybody is able to understand it, but if you have problems, I put on the right side a translator. Moreover I decided to devide my posts in three main sections:1) MY EXPERIENCE, here I will post surely about my exchange year in Denmark.2) DANISH LESSONS, here I will post some danish lessons for beginners. I do not speak danish like a native Dane, but I can understand well if people talk to me. 3) OFF TOPICS, here I will talk about everything that is not about my exchange year (music, books, movies etc.)

I also added where to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and that it will be full of posts and readers soon :)And if you have any suggestion, never be afraid to ask me! 


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